Definition of as — as they come in English:

as — as they come


  • Used to describe someone or something that is a supreme example of the quality specified.

    ‘Smith is as tough as they come’
    • ‘‘We always knew it would be tough, but this is as tough as they come,’ he said.’
    • ‘He's everything a football player should be - he's as tough as they come.’
    • ‘He is as tough as they come and never gives and inch.’
    • ‘He is as versatile as they come and he has so many quality strings to his bow that he is well tuned up in every aspect of the game.’
    • ‘He's as big as they come, both literally and figuratively.’
    • ‘It's difficult not to be impressed by this outrageous concrete hyperbole, but he is as right-on as they come and says he despises it as a symbol of tyranny.’
    • ‘She had everything going for her - Olympic glory, good looks, personality, and as articulate as they come.’
    • ‘But then one of friends is about as fey as they come.’
    • ‘These lessons, these stories, are as essential as they come.’
    • ‘To give a little background, the Aunt - while a wonderful woman - is as nosy and as pushy as they come.’