Definition of as — go in English:

as — go


  • Compared to the average or typical one of the specified kind.

    ‘as castles go it is small and old’
    • ‘I've traveled this highway hundreds of times, and for about three months on a near daily basis, and as far as freeways go it's still by far my favorite.’
    • ‘He's pretty undemanding, as far as boyfriends go.’
    • ‘After sticking our heads into various hostels to inquire about prices, we picked one a few blocks from the square which was very clean, as hostels go.’
    • ‘And I guess, as lawyers go, he's a pretty good lawyer.’
    • ‘Sure, as lies go, this one is pretty inconsequential - almost pro-forma.’
    • ‘And as bargains go, surely £6.75 for a three-course lunch qualifies!’
    • ‘Well, as blogs go, this is a very professional one.’
    • ‘The Inn is fine, as inns go, but there's something about Sea Isle City that feels depressingly generic.’
    • ‘The company's founders chose it for their search engine because, as numbers go, it is a very, very big one.’
    • ‘People rail against my paper, and I freely admit its faults, but as papers go I think it's one of the best.’