Definition of as and when in English:

as and when


  • At the time when (used to refer to an uncertain future event)

    ‘they deal with an issue as and when it rears its head’
    • ‘There is room for further expansion and development of the brewhouse to meet future demand as and when it arises.’
    • ‘Indeed, the study says that most journalists sent to cover crises are general reporters dispatched as and when events occur.’
    • ‘I didn't do any research at the time, because I'm lazy and thought I'd resolve the issue as and when the need arose.’
    • ‘Publishers can shave costs by dumping their full-time employees and using freelances as and when.’
    • ‘The first priority for the group will be to improve this communications system as and when that proves possible.’
    • ‘So expect posts as and when, but I doubt there will be more than one or two a day for a while.’
    • ‘Apply one technique, refine it as and when, then ultimately stick with it or ditch it.’
    • ‘We have issued strict instructions to the area engineers to fill potholes as and when they are appear.’
    • ‘Receptionists at taxi firms will be issued with forms so they can log them as and when they are reported by drivers.’
    • ‘Sometimes this preparatory stage is intensive. Sometimes it happens over a long period, as and when I feel like it.’