Definition of as brown as a berry in English:

as brown as a berry

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(also brown as a berry)
  • (of a person) very suntanned.

    ‘she'd lost her pale, city complexion and become as brown as a berry’
    • ‘With luck I'll be brown as a berry once more by the end of the summer.’
    • ‘I am sure you will have the holiday of a lifetime and come back to the town looking brown as a berry.’
    • ‘I am now as brown as a berry all in a short fortnight.’
    • ‘In the words of Bruce Springsteen, we went down to the river, and into the river we dived, along with the au pair girl, who was by now as brown as a berry.’
    • ‘To play on the trampoline and go off to la playa and get brown as a berry.’
    • ‘A rugged little fellow of manly countenance, black-haired, and brown as a berry, was among the passengers of the steamship California who were transferred yesterday to Ellis Island.’
    • ‘He's brown as a berry from ridin' the prairie and sings with an ol' western drawl.’