Definition of as far as in English:

as far as

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  • 1For as great a distance as.

    ‘the river stretched away as far as he could see’
    • ‘The staff shortage had also been tackled by a major recruitment drive reaching as far as Australia.’
    • ‘I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them, which is no distance at all.’
    • ‘It was dark and brooding and stretched away into the distance as far as Becki could see.’
    • ‘From my couch I looked out the window and watched them walk as far as I could see.’
    • ‘The ridges of each mountain are related to one another that we can continue walking as far as we want.’
    1. 1.1For a great enough distance to reach.
      ‘I decided to walk as far as the village’
      • ‘Plans are also afoot to place a cycle path along the top of the new wall reaching as far as Shoebury East Beach.’
      • ‘To do this I had to stand with the pole vertically by my side and reach up as far as I could with my right hand.’
      • ‘On the Eden salmon and a few sea trout have reached at least as far as Lazonby Estate.’
      • ‘The cross plate might have wings to reach as far as the beams, but query if this be necessary.’
      • ‘Key and Alone had flown as far as they could, and had now reached a dead end.’
    2. 1.2To the extent that.
      ‘as far as I am concerned it is no big deal’
      • ‘Well, inequality, which as far as they are both concerned, are one and the same thing.’
      • ‘She was dead as far as any of the villagers were concerned, until she went to one house and saw her father.’
      • ‘Rather, the Ombudsman now seeks to take each case as far as is necessary for a just resolution to be reached.’
      • ‘It is as far as the film is prepared to go but more than enough, I would imagine, for most viewers.’
      • ‘Cowling is a difficult village as far as ideal places to house a community centre go.’