Definition of as flat as a pancake in English:

as flat as a pancake

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(also flat as a pancake)
  • Completely flat.

    ‘the land's as flat as a pancake’
    • ‘A full 45 minutes' worth would crush you flat as a pancake.’
    • ‘Britain's urban house market may be flat as a pancake, but out in the smarter shires, it's a tale of two very different sorts of properties.’
    • ‘Being as how the fens are flat as a pancake, and the cathedral is a very big building on top of a medium-sized hill, it's pretty visible.’
    • ‘Stay away from gels, pomades and waxes that will leave your strands flat as a pancake.’
    • ‘Swindon has hills and the nearby Cotswolds and Marlborough Downs, while Cambridge is flat as a pancake.’
    • ‘Without it, the show would be as flat as a pancake.’
    • ‘The second set was as flat as a pancake for the first few games.’
    • ‘Activity in the biggest eurozone economies remains as flat as a pancake.’
    • ‘Secured with collar and leash, he lay outside, flat as a pancake, four legs outstretched against a new element for him - sand - and under a stranger, more fearsome element - sky.’
    • ‘Here on the east coast of the USA, the coast is flat as a pancake.’
    flat, smooth, uniform, featureless, unbroken, undamaged, unwrinkled