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as for

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  • With regard to.

    ‘as for you, you'd better be quick’
    • ‘And as for my father, I will definitely take him up on his offer if he still wants to send me to learn to sew now!’
    • ‘And as for the spread of STDs, would legalising prostitution really prevent it?’
    • ‘And as for its military tradition, I assume we're going back in time a bit, maybe to the Vikings.’
    • ‘And as for the Ramblers' Association, if they spent some of the money on footpath signs it would be a help.’
    • ‘And as for your present, chocolate may be involved, but there's other stuff too!’
    • ‘I thought she held up pretty well, but as for me, my skills are badly deteriorating.’
    • ‘I burn up at the thought of it and as for having a chat with my mom about it, I would rather be run over by a bus first.’
    • ‘And as for the Bonnie Prince, he died an alcoholic in Rome, his dreams turned to dust.’
    • ‘Also, as for rotation, there can be more than one roto-reflection axis.’
    • ‘And as for the number of people you've never seen before, half a hand will do nicely.’
    concerning, respecting, with respect to, on the subject of, as regards, regarding, with reference to, re, in regard to, with regard to, apropos, in the matter of, in connection with
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