Definition of as fresh as a daisy in English:

as fresh as a daisy

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  • Healthy and full of energy.

    ‘you look as fresh as a daisy!’
    • ‘Although you probably didn't even notice I was gone, I'm home from my mountain getaway this week, fresh as a daisy from lots of sleep.’
    • ‘Went to bed last night at 1: 30 am and woke up fresh as a daisy at 5 am.’
    • ‘I was in bed by 8: 30 pm and awoke fresh as a daisy, all recuperated and ready to face the day shift.’
    • ‘CJ was unusually unsteady on her feet, but I was fresh as a daisy.’
    • ‘I think I look exhausted at the moment but he looked fresh as a daisy.’
    • ‘And having got all that out of system I had a great night's sleep last night and am fresh as a daisy today.’
    • ‘I'm back in the UK, and it's half-past midnight and I feel as fresh as a daisy despite only having slept for about half an hour in the last thirty-six…’
    • ‘After the coffee, taken without cream or sugar, has done its detoxifying work - which takes 15 minutes - you resume life feeling as fresh as a daisy.’
    • ‘A lot fitter than many of the younger cyclists, dynamic Dan was said to be as fresh as a daisy when he pulled back into Killarney at the end of the race.’
    • ‘I went to bed really early last night to catch up on sleep, so I woke up feeling as fresh as a daisy for once.’
    refreshed, rested, restored, revived, like a new person