Definition of as hard as nails in English:

as hard as nails


(also hard as nails)
  • (of a person) very tough or callous.

    ‘I can fight for whatever I want and I'm hard as nails’
    • ‘‘One of these days you're going to say something like that and someone is going to hurt you for it,’ he hissed, his voice cold and hard as nails.’
    • ‘Lisa, who's hard as nails, was clearly having none of it, and handed the woman a ten pound note for the £12.70 charge, saying ‘I don't care if your children do starve’.’
    • ‘Women are soft like fluffy cotton, men are hard as nails and plywood.’
    • ‘To put it bluntly, they tend to be as hard as nails.’
    • ‘I wouldn't say I'm soft as putty but I wouldn't say I'm hard as nails either.’
    • ‘I loved watching him as he was hard as nails and a real winner.’
    • ‘He was of the old school of player, brilliant in the air and hard as nails in the tackle, he gave as good as he got and was no mean player.’
    • ‘He was light but as hard as nails and he would go through you for a shortcut.’
    • ‘Sharp as a tack, hard as nails and always good-humoured, he is a good man to have around.’
    • ‘He was as hard as nails, and even if we weren't scared of him, he had our respect and a certain amount of hero worship.’
    callous, hard-hearted, heartless, with a heart of stone, stony, stony-hearted, unfeeling, unsympathetic, uncaring, insensitive, unsentimental, cold-hearted, cold, hard-bitten, tough, unforgiving, lacking compassion, uncharitable, inflexible, unbending, implacable