Definition of as if in English:

as if

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  • 1

    (also as though)
    As would be the case if.

    ‘she behaved as if he weren't there’
    • ‘It was all he could do to act as though he had never read either of her letters.’
    • ‘The men around her laughed and acted as though it was the cleverest thing they had seen.’
    • ‘Football is now a business, but players are expected to act as if it was still a sport.’
    • ‘She had known Sara only a day or two and yet she acted as if Blaze were her best friend.’
    • ‘They have told me to act as if their house is mine and they are all looking after me well.’
    • ‘The table was set out nicely and all seemed as though it would be a lovely lunch.’
    • ‘My father talked a lot about his own father before he died, as though he'd never got over it.’
    • ‘So she got out of her car and went about her errands as though nothing untoward was happening.’
    • ‘Most of the details are a blur now but he motioned with the gun, as though he wanted us all outside.’
    • ‘It's almost as though some people only feel they have an identity when they are at work.’
  • 2 informal I very much doubt it.

    • ‘You know how lottery winners always say it won't change their lives? Yeah, as if!’
    • ‘Even some prejudicial rejection can also be okay, if the person socially shutting you down is in a committed relationship (as if!) or has an incompatible sexual orientation.’
    • ‘Clueless, however, with its mall culture (buy something; buying makes happy), and its witty dialogue (‘as if!’), doesn't support the heritage industry.’
    • ‘And wait I did, my Standard open at The horoscopes (Predictions for New Year! Your Stars, That Break, and You! - as if).’
    • ‘You can tell she's wanting everyone to tell her how brilliant she was. As if.’
    • ‘You know how pools winners always say it won't change their lives? Yeah, right, as if.’