Definition of as it is in English:

as it is

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(also as is)
  • In the existing circumstances.

    ‘I've got enough on my plate as it is’
    • ‘Rail staff have a hard enough job as it is, working under difficult circumstances.’
    • ‘Though I'm feeling quite queer as it is, so I don't invite you to dwell on it too long.’
    • ‘Because I'm angry at it now, proper shaking angry and this Blog entry is long enough as it is.’
    • ‘It can help to shine a critical light on things that are wrong with the world as it is - which is plenty.’
    • ‘We live in a highly residential area and there is little enough parkland as it is.’
    • ‘Mr Samuels tells it as it is and pulls no punches, he is one citizen who will stand up and be counted.’
    • ‘Buying a house is out of the question for many of us who struggle as it is to just rent somewhere.’
    • ‘I reckon it looks pretty choice as is, but its always fun to mix things up a bit.’
    • ‘They bought the house as is with the understanding that Mrs Callahan could have a day in the house alone, to select mementos.’
    • ‘You're cool enough as is!’