Definition of as of right in English:

as of right

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(also of right)
  • As a result of having a moral or legal claim or entitlement.

    ‘the state will be obliged to provide healthcare and education as of right’
    • ‘Entry to higher education is also very commonly an entitlement, available by right to anyone who obtains the threshold entry certificate.’
    • ‘The circumstances are that there is a discretion under the Act for the Minister to allow a fresh application but there is no entitlement as of right.’
    • ‘It is not an entitlement as of right; it is the result of a negotiation.’
    • ‘It is essential for the claimant to establish that, throughout the period of use, he has enjoyed the right he claims as of right.’
    • ‘Education, including higher education, belongs as of right to all who have the ability.’
    • ‘Only legal guarantees that they occupy the land by right, as they have since before the arrival of black or white races, will give them the security they seek.’
    • ‘‘A lot of pensioners are loath to claim it, but it is theirs by right,’ said Mr Evans.’
    • ‘I know they feel that they are entitled to a pension as of right.’
    • ‘In other words they're being forced to beg for an education that their more privileged peers received by right.’
    • ‘Whilst children can now be tried as adults in Britain, they are often denied the type of legal protection that an older person could expect as of right.’