Definition of as regular as clockwork in English:

as regular as clockwork

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  • Very regularly; repeatedly and predictably.

    ‘she used to give me these chocolates Christmas and Easter, as regular as clockwork’
    • ‘The comedic cut scenes are as regular as clockwork and often as predictable.’
    • ‘A new generation comes through as regular as clockwork.’
    • ‘The customers who voted for him said he is as regular as clockwork.’
    • ‘Larry made his appearance every Sunday morning, as regular as clockwork, with a copy of the Northern Star, damp from the press.’
    • ‘Reversals on the Sun, however, are almost as regular as clockwork - every 11 years, with its magnetic axis changing position for most of that time.’
    • ‘Usually, it was as regular as clockwork, but this month she was grateful for the delay.’
    • ‘He's a typical old man; very set in his ways and as regular as clockwork.’
    • ‘Transits of Venus occur as regular as clockwork, following a simple cycle.’
    • ‘Since we get a a magazine by postal subscription, delivered as regular as clockwork every Friday, we were rather suspicious.’
    • ‘Each month, as regular as clockwork I would send her money so she didn't have to go back to the bar and we emailed to stay in touch.’