Definition of as sick as a dog in English:

as sick as a dog


(also sick as a dog)
  • Extremely ill.

    • ‘you were as sick as a dog when you ate that shrimp’
    • ‘I have been sick as a dog - still have the bronchitis going, but the worst part is an unbelievably sore throat - so bad that I literally cannot swallow, talk, etc.’
    • ‘What amazed me was he was sick as a dog, but if a school was coming the next day, he'd put on his suit and get out there.’
    • ‘I've spent the last week trying to do as little as possible, because I've been sick as a dog.’
    • ‘At times, when I was lying on my hospital bed being pumped full of chemotherapy drugs that made me as sick as a dog and caused my hair to fall out, I used to close my eyes and dream I was somewhere else.’
    • ‘But as little as I like him, I don't think he'd have been willing to make himself sick as a dog just for a little personal drama.’
    • ‘Yeah well, I spent the next two days sick as a dog, and Nurse Hatchmore found our why.’
    • ‘That night, Zach was looking better, but still sick as a dog.’
    • ‘I did not write any more this week because I was sick as a dog.’
    • ‘I arrived sick as a dog and played the first few games with a high fever, mowing everyone down with unnerving ease.’
    • ‘Back in the saddle again, after being sick as a dog all week.’