Definition of as smart as a whip in English:

as smart as a whip


(also smart as a whip)
informal mainly North American
  • Very quick-witted and intelligent.

    • ‘despite some of the things he says, he's as smart as a whip’
    • ‘He's smart as a whip, so there's nothing he can't learn.’
    • ‘I also remember something else about Todd: he was smart as a whip.’
    • ‘She was smart as a whip, but never got a chance to go to college.’
    • ‘He was smart as a whip, fast witted, and had a sense of humor and adventure about him.’
    • ‘I've known a decent amount of young woman who are like this, creative, smart as a whip, but yet have this peculiar practical side.’
    • ‘Now you're equipped with hints that will make you look smart as a whip in class.’
    • ‘He's smart as a whip and wise - you can't beat that combo.’
    • ‘I imagined a pretty daughter who was smart as a whip, who talked to me about school as we walked through the neighborhood arm in arm.’
    • ‘We've had newspaper guys, previously steely eyed and smart as a whip, turn to jelly at the mere prospect of a dip in his pool.’
    • ‘Smart as a whip, he has a real knack for always being in the right place at the right time.’