Definition of as straight as an arrow in English:

as straight as an arrow


(also straight as an arrow)
  • Perfectly straight, with no deviation.

    ‘the road continues straight as an arrow’
    • ‘There was one perfect crack that was in varying girth, but straight as an arrow.’
    • ‘He wore his hair short to the skull with a narrow, little part shaved up one side straight as an arrow, and he had a pencil-thin mustache, like Errol Flynn, folds in the back of his neck like fat pleats, and beady black rat eyes.’
    • ‘Kat continued straight as an arrow on her course.’
    • ‘They know the proper streamline is with the head looking down, hands together and the body straight as an arrow, with the head just under the water surface.’
    • ‘Trudy stood straight as an arrow, pure hatred glowing in her face.’
    • ‘It doesn't go right or left or this or that; it just goes straight as an arrow.’
    • ‘Don's swing was straight as an arrow throughout the backswing, down to the release point.’
    • ‘The giant stood in one place - straight as an arrow and tense as a string on a bow.’
    • ‘The road leading down from the hill was straight as an arrow and connected directly to the docks.’
    • ‘In Afghanistan, where the roads run straight as an arrow across baking plains, they came across an accident.’
    • ‘Ayako sat down on the plush red couch and sat at attention, her back straight as an arrow.’
    • ‘A track doubles back and angles up Northdale Rigg, straight as an arrow and into the heather.’
    • ‘Adela Breton, there she is, one of a vanished breed of tough Englishwomen, dressed neatly in the full Edwardian regalia of the day, every hair in place, and spine straight as an arrow!’
    • ‘The river sliced through the scoop, straight as an arrow, to the precipice, where, with great tumult and crescendo, it dropped into the abyss.’
    • ‘The rope flew down, straight as an arrow into the stranger's hands.’