Definition of as such in English:

as such

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  • often with negative In the exact sense of the word.

    ‘it is possible to stay overnight here although there is no guest house as such’
    • ‘His speech is the herald of decolonisation and, as such, is a defining moment in history.’
    • ‘I am from England, of course, and, as such, consider rain to be part of my daily needs.’
    • ‘Not that education or skills are signs of intelligence as such, but there is a correlation.’
    • ‘He further went on to say that he was going to organise Freeport as a model city and run it as such.’
    • ‘They will not have a competitive race as such and only have to start and finish in a group.’
    • ‘Otley is still a market town and, as such, should be drawing shoppers and other trade into it.’
    • ‘The club is a facility for all the youth in the area and as such all are welcome to drop in any night.’
    • ‘The club is a business and, as such, should stand on its own feet or fail as any other business would.’
    • ‘He added that the field they are in is pastureland and as such is specially cultivated grass.’
    • ‘Queens Drive is a clearway and as such is not to be used for parking, as defined in the highway code.’
    in itself, of itself, by itself, as such, intrinsically