Definition of as sweet as pie in English:

as sweet as pie


(also as nice as pie)
  • Extremely pleasant or polite.

    ‘the girl she spoke to was as sweet as pie’
    • ‘She would act all sweet as pie until the director shouted, ‘Action!’’
    • ‘"When I'm off the pitch, I will be as nice as pie. I'll sign autographs, I'll smile, but as soon as I cross the white line, I am there to win the game."’
    • ‘She could be as nice as pie in a few days, that's been the pattern recently.’
    • ‘My son is as sweet as pie, but he has ADHD and sometimes its overwhelming for me to have to deal with him.’
    • ‘However, she gains no support from her husband, who is the epitome of the couch potato, nor her neighbor Judy, who is as sweet as pie and about as bright.’