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as well

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  • 1In addition; too.

    ‘the museum provides hours of fun and a few surprises as well’
    • ‘Some of my boys and some of the girls as well threw me a little surprise party on Saturday.’
    • ‘Not only did this come as a surprise to her, but the rest of the school as well.’
    • ‘Me and Eric walked into the living and I was surprised to see that my mum was here as well.’
    • ‘These fish are not only amazingly well camouflaged but to me are surprisingly small as well.’
    • ‘The doctors took her into theatre to drain fluid off her lungs, and her kidneys are failing as well.’
    • ‘I have phoned the council on numerous times and other people have made complaints as well.’
    • ‘The association meets on Saturdays but the new funding means it could open on Sundays as well.’
    • ‘To continue in the competition, the bands to have to impress the judges and the audience as well.’
    • ‘We are at the bottom in West Yorkshire and nationally we are quite low as well.’
    • ‘Add a smoulder of darker shadow to the outer area of the eyelid and sweep a little below the lower lash line as well.’
    too, also, in addition, additionally, into the bargain, besides, furthermore, moreover, to boot
    together with, in addition to, along with, besides, plus, and, coupled with, with, over and above, on top of, over and beyond, not to mention, to say nothing of, let alone
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  • 2

    (also just as well)
    With equal reason or an equally good result.

    ‘I may as well have a look’
    • ‘At home I lie gasping and read the Arabian Nights, but I may as well read the day's news.’
    • ‘Lastly, if the site or journal is too obscure, I may as well go post on some random message board.’
    • ‘If the top golfers are saying they may as well all pack up their bags for the next ten years it's a tragedy and very sad.’
    • ‘If it gives way on every issue that crops up, it may as well board up the Town Hall and let the vandals take over.’
    • ‘It would simply involve creating such an abundance that the price of such goods may as well be zero.’
    • ‘It's a sad song, sure, but it may as well be Celine Dion for all the personal meaning it has for me.’
    • ‘Which might seem reasonable to some, but from my point of view it may as well be taking place on Mars.’
    • ‘Wallace's work is heroic, but he may as well be trying to empty the North Sea with a spoon.’
    • ‘That was only a decade and a bit ago, and yet it may as well have been a lifetime.’
    • ‘I got the form to apply for the temporary youth worker job and frankly it might as well be written in Dutch.’
    1. 2.1Sensible, appropriate, or desirable.
      ‘it would be as well to let him go’
      • ‘There'll be something else to panic about later, I might as well have a little tiny rest.’
      • ‘If you're going to have tempura, you might as well have it in a proper Japanese restaurant.’
      • ‘We may as well take advantage of reduced traffic to tend to other aspects of our lives.’
      • ‘The idea was that nothing very much happened in the summer, so you may as well cut your losses and run.’
      • ‘Thing is, you see, if you have to drive into town to lunch, you might just as well shop there.’
      • ‘So you may as well get used to the idea of assuming some sort of online identity now.’
      • ‘They realise that they may as well get a job sooner rather than wait another couple of years.’
      • ‘If they are going to bother to print such an amazing fact, they may as well say why it is amazing.’
      • ‘It keeps in the freezer very well, so you may as well just buy it now if you plan to use it in any recipes.’
      • ‘All of which seems to say, if you're going to be 100, you may as well enjoy it while you can.’