Definition of as well —— might in English:

as well —— might


(also as well —— may)
  • Used to convey the speaker's opinion that a person's reaction is appropriate or unsurprising.

    ‘she sounded rather chipper, as well she might, given her bright prospects’
    • ‘Steve apologised to his family, as well he might.’
    • ‘He takes his music very seriously, as well he might.’
    • ‘He was clutching the two Oscars he'd just won for Braveheart and he looked extremely pleased with himself, as well he might.’
    • ‘The prime minister looked worn and tense at his press conference yesterday, as well he might.’
    • ‘Rembrandt has a quizzical, jesting expression, as well he may, in view of his wondrous hat and slashed leather jerkin, ornate with glass beads.’
    • ‘The young woman looks doubtful, as well she might.’
    • ‘Glint came in, looking tired out, and as well she might, trying to keep up with the three children.’
    • ‘Q put down his newspaper and looked mighty puzzled as well he might with this highly unusual - and therefore highly suspect - request.’
    • ‘He looks at her suspiciously while doing so, as well he might.’
    • ‘In fact, he looks luminously happy throughout - as well he might be, as tonight's crowd are hugely enthusiastic, with frequent standing ovations between songs.’