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as well as

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  • And also; and in addition.

    ‘a shop that sold books as well as newspapers’
    • ‘Each school kit contains materials for up to 80 children, as well as teaching supplies.’
    • ‘The kicks are delivered with great force and at toe, ankle and lower shin heights as well as into the mid leg range.’
    • ‘Student access to computer stations allows students to apply online to the college as well as apply for financial aid.’
    • ‘The teachers interviewed used many of the strategies mentioned by Krashen and Terrell, as well as many they did not mention.’
    • ‘The design files can also be shared globally, for open-source hardware as well as software problem-solving.’
    • ‘The bounty of the Amazon can be accounted for only if we consider time as well as space.’
    • ‘Characteristics of the studied strains indicating the presence of the 17 virulence factors as well as the eae type.’
    • ‘A new enterprise in a new land would require much capital as well as credit.’
    • ‘She is well behaved and will sit and give you her paw as well as obey basic commands.’
    • ‘Technical advances once more brought about new aesthetic possibilities as well as contradictions.’