Definition of as who should say in English:

as who should say


  • As if to say.

    ‘he meekly bowed to him, as who should say “Proceed.”’
    • ‘The Greeks called them Anticheir, as who should say, another hand.’
    • ‘One day he saw me and signed to me with his hand, as who should say, ‘What is that?’’
    • ‘All the characters and all the incidents in the play have been devised for the glorification of Cyrano, and are but, as who should say, so many rays of lime-light converging upon him alone.’
    • ‘Mr. Snagsby addresses an explanatory cough to Mrs. Snagsby, as who should say, ‘My dear, a customer!’’
    • ‘He put up his shoulders to his cars, and spread out the palms of his hands, as who should say, There is nothing further to be said.’