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(also ascendency)
  • Occupation of a position of dominant power or influence.

    ‘the ascendancy of good over evil’
    • ‘they have a moral ascendancy over the rich’
    • ‘The ascendency of Hardwicke's position was aided by two factors in addition to Fortescue's retirement.’
    • ‘The problem of translation has become a moral question of linguistic ascendancy.’
    • ‘Following his downfall, the conservatives in economic and religious positions are in the ascendancy.’
    • ‘His critics say he should resign because he has lost the moral ascendancy to govern and to save the plummeting economy from collapse.’
    • ‘He sums up with thoughts on the ascendancy of the power of nature.’
    • ‘But he was fully convinced that the first two would be best served by the continued ascendancy of the third.’
    • ‘Dodging this question is a way of avoiding the most important dilemma of film's ascendancy: can a popular form of entertainment also produce art?’
    • ‘Falkirk's ascendancy continued but they had goalkeeper Ferguson to thank for their clean sheet.’
    • ‘I feel much of the conflict is that of old structures fighting to keep hold their dominance against the ascendancy of the new paradigm.’
    • ‘The goal is to win political ascendancy and control the political agenda.’
    • ‘In England, from the later middle ages, justices of the peace rose to ascendancy as county authorities, marginalizing sheriffs.’
    • ‘Yet his ascendancy was not as smooth and unchallenged as might have been expected.’
    • ‘If you are interested in affecting public discourse, watch out - you may gain ascendency in certain circles, but you're just as likely to marginalize yourself instead.’
    • ‘Cities often stumble onto projects and developments that turn them around, delivering them from a period of decline to one of ascendancy.’
    • ‘Ghastly pale, hovering like a ghoul, he looks as if evil has his heart in a vise. Even in his ascendancy you would never envy him.’
    • ‘The retailer's ascendancy was expected after both companies issued their 2001 results earlier this year.’
    • ‘Yet farmer-led movements for sustainable agriculture are also in ascendancy.’
    • ‘Suburban car culture is gaining ascendancy in Toronto, as can be seen on every corner.’
    • ‘By that stage even the Federal and High Courts will be starting to reflect the conservative ascendancy.’
    • ‘The two groups have jockeyed for position ever since, with Sistani's forces in the ascendancy recently.’
    dominance, domination, supremacy, superiority, predominance, pre-eminence, primacy, dominion, hegemony, authority, mastery, control, command, power, sway, rule, sovereignty, lordship, leadership, influence
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/əˈsendənsē/ /əˈsɛndənsi/