Definition of ascending in English:


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  • 1Increasing in size or importance.

    ‘incomes ranked in ascending order of size’
    • ‘The other implication is that, the caste system also involves the principle of rank and gradation, in so far as the rights increase in ascending order from untouchable to Brahmin.’
    • ‘Oh, and (in ascending order) the photography, music, and dialogue are truly excellent.’
    • ‘Average pay rates were lowest in the Philippines, with Vietnam, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India paying slightly better in ascending order from the bottom rank.’
    • ‘At the same time, the primes appear in ascending order.’
    • ‘The horizontal axis (the x-axis) represents the stock prices, labeled in ascending order.’
    • ‘When all of the red balls have cleared from the table, the remaining colored balls are pocketed in ascending order from where the cue and object balls lie.’
    • ‘The remaining passengers will be called to board in ascending order, with up to eight zones per flight depending on the size of the aircraft.’
    • ‘The filters are sorted in ascending order, based on their priorities.’
    • ‘Briefly, the total number of revertants for each culture was ranked in ascending order.’
    • ‘If, for example, you had 40 years of annual rainfall records, you would first need to arrange the totals in ascending order (from lowest to highest).’
    • ‘The possible bids in ascending order are as follows.’
    • ‘If higher, subsequent plays of that suit must be in ascending order.’
    • ‘For example, imagine a line of cards with random numbers written on them that you must rearrange in ascending order.’
    • ‘Here is a complete list of the possible bids in ascending order, and their scores.’
    • ‘I have three big reasons, of ascending importance.’
    • ‘They nibbled the grass, adorably arranged in ascending size order.’
    • ‘There are 26 pairs, one for each year of Southwood's life, in ascending sizes.’
    • ‘On the ascending part of the cardiac function curve, increases in return function increase Q (dot above) and represent a volume-responsive phase.’
    • ‘Skyscrapers, once the hallmark of our devotion to the almighty dollar, appear in ascending quantity outside the US, perhaps because the dollar isn't so almighty after all.’
    • ‘I don't think in the moment many people realized this was the start of an ascending movement.’
  • 2Sloping or leading upward.

    ‘a gently ascending forest path’
    • ‘blood pressure in the ascending aorta’
    • ‘With a bamboo pole balanced on his shoulder from which was suspended two large baskets filled to the brim with fresh eggs, a man was trudging along an ascending slope paved with cobblestones, humming a tune to himself every now and then.’
    • ‘For the respondents on the ascending slope of their offending careers, alcohol involvement determined their starting point.’
    • ‘Urine may become stagnant leading to chronic ascending bacterial urinary tract infections.’
    • ‘For every vertical velocity value on the upward leg of the ascending branch there is an equal vertical velocity value downward on the descending branch.’



/əˈsendiNG/ /əˈsɛndɪŋ/