Definition of ascomycete in English:



  • A fungus whose spores develop within asci. The ascomycetes include most molds, mildews, and yeasts, the fungal component of most lichens, and a few large forms such as morels and truffles.

    Compare with basidiomycete

    Phylum Ascomycota (formerly subdivision Ascomycotina), class Ascomycetes

    ‘Many ascomycete spores are reported to be allergenic.’
    • ‘Interestingly, active members of the pogo family are widely dispersed in ascomycetes, whereas no transposing elements have been found in other organisms.’
    • ‘Most ascomycetes have only two different mating types, as opposed to certain other fungi, in which many more mating types exist.’
    • ‘The other groups of ascomycetes are special cases.’
    • ‘These ascomycetes are dispersed by wind and rain and invade and kill beech bark only after the scale has successfully become established.’



/ˌaskōˈmīsēt/ /ˌæskoʊˈmaɪsit/


Mid 19th century from modern Latin Ascomycetes (former class name), from Greek askos ‘sac’ + mukētes ‘fungi’.