Definition of aseismic in English:



  • Not characterized by earthquake activity.

    ‘Part of this complexity can be related to the presence of irregularities on the subducting plates, such as aseismic ridges and arc terranes.’
    • ‘Much recent work in the south and west Pacific has focused on the nature of uplift along the region's island arcs: either aseismic (vertical creep) or coseismic.’
    • ‘We want to understand the connections between aseismic deformation and earthquake occurrence.’
    • ‘Fine-grained mylonite developed in the fault corridor may have favoured aseismic deformation in the Shin volcano area.’
    • ‘Integration of these two data sets could provide a missing link in our understanding of the transition from aseismic to seismogenic plate motion.’



/āˈsīzmik/ /eɪˈsaɪzmɪk/