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ash dieback

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  • A serious fungal disease of the European ash, characterized by the progressive death of the tree's branches.

    The disease is caused by Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus (also called Chalara fraxinea), subdivision Ascomycotina

    ‘The first outbreak of ash dieback has been confirmed in Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘Earlier this week industry, conservation groups and scientists met for a summit on how to deal with ash dieback.’
    • ‘Ash dieback may have arrived in Britain after spores were blown on the wind from continental Europe.’
    • ‘It has emerged that 100,000 ash trees have already been burnt to stop the spread of ash dieback.’
    • ‘The threat of ash dieback is mitigated by the vigour with which new trees regenerate in the British climate.’
    • ‘The number of woodland sites where ash dieback has been detected has doubled.’