Definition of ash pan in English:

ash pan


  • A tray fitted beneath a grate in which ashes can be collected and removed.

    ‘It serves another very important function, that of providing a strong draught on the fire and drawing air through the ash pan and grate to give more air for the burning fuel.’
    • ‘GFF room heaters are equipped with an easy-to-empty ash pan that allows ashes to be removed without compromising the fire.’
    • ‘It has the newest sealed combustion system, which obviates the need for an ash pan or a shaker grate.’
    • ‘A simple pullout handle above the ash pan allows accumulated ashes to be removed from the firebox.’
    • ‘The Model 480 Kitchen Queen comes equipped with grates and a large ash pan for easy, clean ash removal.’
    • ‘I am looking to purchase a jotul, but am concerned with the lack of an ash pan in the smaller stove.’
    • ‘This means we only need to empty the ash from the ash pans in the stove 2 or 3 times per year.’
    • ‘The once cooled charcoal ash pan can be removed easily disposing the ash with the minimum of mess or fuss.’
    • ‘After checking for the ash pan, an operator started the preheat cycle for the afterburn chamber.’
    • ‘This pit is used to catch cinders from the locomotives as their ash pans are cleaned before and after service.’
    • ‘The second door allows for easy ash removal; no need to deal with messy ash pans or augers which can easily get stuck.’
    • ‘My two previous stoves had ash pans in their pedestals that never had ash in them.’
    • ‘However our competitors will have you believe that the ash pan is very heavy.’
    • ‘Heavy duty charcoal racks and slide out ash pans are also standard.’
    • ‘Maintenance is a snap with most units providing ash pans for easy ash removal and minimum tools required to remove most interior parts for cleaning or replacement.’
    • ‘The Pacific's fireman is dumping a few ashes and making sure that his ash pans are tightly closed while the engineer is oiling the cross head guide bars or the little end of the main rod connection.’
    • ‘Some pellet stoves have small toaster oven sized ash pans, while the Accentras ash pan will let you burn almost a ton of pellets before you have to empty it.’
    • ‘Once installed, the maintenance routine involves, filling the hopper with pellets, and emptying ash pans weekly, regularly cleaning the burn pot, hopper, ash tray and glass, and the annual servicing of the stove etc.’


ash pan

/ˈaSH pan/ /ˈæʃ pæn/