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Ash Wednesday

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  • The first day of Lent in the Western Christian Church, marked by services of penitence.

    ‘My wife and I attended a noon Ash Wednesday service of communion and imposition of ashes.’
    • ‘On Ash Wednesday, Jesus' words send the message that believers can strive for things not of dust and ashes.’
    • ‘On Ash Wednesday, he wants to ‘part the waters’ of our routine lives so that we might find God and be drawn closer to him by his grace.’
    • ‘Extra chairs had to be set up on Ash Wednesday, similar to Christmas and Easter.’
    • ‘Going to church on Ash Wednesday will not wash away our sins.’
    • ‘That quote forms part of the invitation for people to observe Lent, taken from the Ash Wednesday service.’
    • ‘The Ash Wednesday service last night was really beautiful and powerful.’
    • ‘After Ash Wednesday services, our foreheads were clean as soon as we got home.’
    • ‘Large congregations attended the services on Ash Wednesday in St. Brigids Parish Church.’
    • ‘The annual Carnival celebration is held in the town of Castries right before Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.’
    • ‘People there were asked, during Ash Wednesday services, to remember those less fortunate than they.’
    • ‘On Ash Wednesday, the faithful seeks repentance for whatever sins he may have committed as he prepares himself for the season of Lent.’
    • ‘Having answered the call to repentance on Ash Wednesday, we begin the Lenten journey with this dramatic set of readings.’
    • ‘Traditionally, Ash Wednesday has been a time to make Lenten commitments.’
    • ‘I was also adamantly opposed to seeing the movie on opening day, Ash Wednesday.’
    • ‘The ashes of Ash Wednesday represent God's eternal claim on our lives.’
    • ‘On the days prior to Ash Wednesday, women and girls made small bags into which ashes or small stones or pebbles were placed.’
    • ‘On the morning of Ash Wednesday, they will celebrate mass in the local parish church in Enniscrone.’
    • ‘Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, a day I always remember fondly.’
    • ‘Parishioners are reminded that Ash Wednesday is a day of fast and abstinence.’


Ash Wednesday

/ˈaSH ˈwenzˌdā/ /ˈæʃ ˈwɛnzˌdeɪ/


From the custom of marking the foreheads of penitents with ashes on that day.