Definition of Asia-Pacific in English:



(also Asia-Pacific region)
  • A business region consisting of the whole of Asia as well as the countries of the Pacific Rim.

    ‘The model consists of twenty countries in the Asia-Pacific and South Asia region.’
    • ‘Both Moscow and Beijing are trying to win influence in the Asia-Pacific region and in Central Asia, in particular.’
    • ‘The company is currently focusing on growing the business in the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘We will continue to work with the business sector in our venture towards improving the business environment in the Asia-Pacific.’
    • ‘That could change the course of developments in the whole of the Asia-Pacific.’
    • ‘Piracy, especially optical disc piracy, is big business in the Asia-Pacific.’
    • ‘This year's exercise would involve six vessels travelling to the Gulf and the Asia-Pacific regions between February and August.’
    • ‘It is today one of Asia's leading conglomerates with a wide-ranging portfolio of businesses focused primarily on the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘You may be in for a nasty surprise if you are booking business travel tickets across the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘What practical steps has the Customs Service taken to enhance security across the Asia-Pacific region?’
    • ‘The forum, which held its first meeting in 1994, is the only multilateral forum on security issues in the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘It should be known that pesticide industry in India is the fourth largest in the world and second largest in the Asia-Pacific region, only next to China.’
    • ‘Across the Asia-Pacific region, every major language is spoken; every major religion is practiced.’
    • ‘Others in the Asia-Pacific region have also been feeling uneasy.’
    • ‘At the same time, it will promote the creation of joint public-private sector industrial networks in the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘An even larger scenario will be enacted within this year, leading to a new structure of political and economic order in the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘The Asia-Pacific region was seen as too small a market.’
    • ‘New industrial estates for life sciences are being developed at a rapid rate throughout the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘The track will be the largest in the Asia-Pacific region.’
    • ‘In the Asia-Pacific region, ecotourism accounts for 20 percent of all travel.’



/ˌāZHəpəˈsifik/ /ˌeɪʒəpəˈsɪfɪk/