Definition of asiago in English:



  • A strong-flavored cow's milk cheese originally made in northern Italy.

    ‘Today's President brand, managed by Lactalis USA, encompasses a wide spectrum of specialty cheeses, including Brie, Camembert, Edam, Gouda, feta, asiago and fontina varieties.’
    • ‘A Sorrento Italian specialty cheese line includes such items as fresh mozzarella, Parmesan, Romano, asiago and Gorgonzola.’
    • ‘The product is available in three flavors: Three - Cheese Italian, a blend of parmesan, romano and asiago; Three-Cheese Mediterranean, consisting of smoked provolone, kasseri and feta; and a Parmesan and Romano blend.’
    • ‘The trip ends in an aging room stacked with 13,000 wheels coated with pepper, vegetable oil, and cocoa, Vella Cheese Company makes three types of cheese - asiago, cheddar, and Monterey jack; the nutty-tasting dry jack is peerless.’
    • ‘According to Churny Company Inc., Northbrook, 111., the natural cheese segment is growing to include more ontrend cheeses like parmesan, romano and asiago.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a light, clean taste, try dry cheeses like parmesan or asiago.’
    • ‘Over the past year there has been an increased awareness of certain Italian varieties, such as asiago, fontina and fontinella.’
    • ‘If the EU gets its way, U.S. manufacturers would have to come up with other names for popular cheeses such as asiago, manchego and neufchatel, which are among those on the draft list.’
    • ‘At Sandor's, they found Tuscan white truffle tortelloni with aged asiago and white truffle milk and Chilean sea bass marinated in ginger and sake.’
    • ‘This creamy artichoke and asiago cheese dip is only slightly less garlicky than the caesar salad.’
    • ‘My partner chose the El Pablo pasta - linguine in a tomato basil sauce with shaved asiago cheese.’
    • ‘Flavor trends in the fresh and dry grated hard Italian cheese segment include asiago cheese (both grated and shredded) as well as special blends of hard-style grated cheese with spices and herbs.’
    • ‘Sales of Brie increased by 12 percent; blue cheese by 16 percent; Gorgonzola by 29 percent; and asiago by an incredible 40 percent.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean pizza had lots of asiago and fiery chorizo, and this Mediterranean theme was carried on through into Brava's tuna niçoise, which included seared ahi with baby potatoes and a springy watercress cream.’
    • ‘‘If you would have asked people about asiago three years ago, most people wouldn't know what it was, but now you can go to a Subway restaurant chain and get asiago on your sub,’ says Gannon.’
    • ‘On a thin-crust pizza, the Italian ham lies on top of basil tomato sauce and beneath salty Gaeta olives and swaths of mild asiago.’
    • ‘She followed Justin out to the kitchen and pulled a hot asiago bagel out of the oven.’
    • ‘My husband recently discovered how much he likes asiago and has been sneaking it into everything.’
    • ‘This delicious strudel recipe features acorn squash chunks and Asiago cheese wrapped in flaky pastry -great for a quick family dinner.’
    • ‘This gourmet entree combines the flavors of sweet potato, tangy yogurt, sage and asiago cheese with outstanding results.’



/ˌäsēˈäɡō/ /ˌɑsiˈɑɡoʊ/


Named after Asiago, the plateau and town in northern Italy where the cheese was first made.