Definition of Asian pear in English:

Asian pear


  • The crisp apple-shaped fruit of a tree that is native to Japan and China and cultivated in Australia and New Zealand.

    Also called nashi

    This fruit is obtained from varieties of Pyrus pyrifolia, family Rosaceae

    ‘Products like buttercup squash, table grapes, chestnuts, persimmons, avocados, tamarillos, boysenberries, and Nashi Asian pears, just demonstrate the wide diversity of horticultural exports from New Zealand to overseas markets.’
    • ‘Unlike European pears, Asian pears must be tree-ripened for peak flavor and sweetness.’
    • ‘We have more than 100 Asian pear trees in one of our orchards, and it's well-known that Asian pears are a smorgasbord for the coddling moth.’
    • ‘I also have an Asian pear tree that produced for the first time this summer.’
    • ‘A marriage of juicy pears and crisp apples, Asian pears are not hybrids; they were brought to the U.S. by Chinese prospectors during the California Gold Rush.’
    • ‘Peach, Asian pear, plum and apricot trees manage to survive in appropriate microclimates.’
    • ‘My first dish was a chaste, satisfying plate of yellowtail sashimi sliced in strips, flavored with capers, bits of preserved lemon, and chive oil, and laid over a bed of crunchy Asian pears.’
    • ‘There is a lot more to nashi, also known as Asian pears, though, than these three varieties.’
    • ‘She explains that in N. China the Beauty Heart radishes are treated as fruits, crisper than an Asian pear.’
    • ‘In a bowl, add the Asian pear, shiso leaves, and lemon juice.’
    • ‘Thinly sliced Asian pears on a field-green salad practically leapt under a tart vinaigrette, and the crisped phyllo pouch holding runny Gorgonzola cheese made the whole thing even more fun to eat.’
    • ‘As meal-time approached, we made a salad; actually Mary made the salad, all I did was cut up a couple Asian pears to go on top of it.’
    • ‘Skewered in a cross, the grilled quail hung over a white ceramic bowl that contained a braised Asian pear sitting in a pool of green tea and quail sauce.’
    • ‘Offerings include coriander-crusted duck; grilled Asian pear, spinach and wonton noodles; and lavender ice cream with Grand Marnier-marinated berries.’
    • ‘There are equally worthy variations on the theme: noodles without the soup, enlivened by a ginger-and-scallion paste; noodles served with the broth on the side; cold Korean buckwheat noodles with Asian pear.’
    • ‘Best place to base yourself is the upstairs lounge or VIP section where sakes and Asian pear martinis are the name of the cocktail game.’
    • ‘Another day might find that same enticingly bitter arugula tossed with salty prosciutto shavings, creamy bits of Montasio and sparkling, crisp Asian pear cut into regimental cubes.’
    • ‘Velvety cuts of soy-cured salmon are wrapped ribbon-like around creamy dollops of crème fraiche, with Asian pear on the side, diced into microscopic perfection.’