Definition of Asian swamp eel in English:

Asian swamp eel


  • A freshwater eel that can breathe air and traverse land. Its introduction in the southeastern US threatens some native aquatic fauna.

    Monopterus albus, family Synbranchidae

    ‘Two enemies meet as biologist Leo Nico tracks the course of the Asian swamp eel through southern Florida.’
    • ‘The Asian swamp eel has recently been reported from Florida where it is believed to be established.’
    • ‘Some of the better known exotic residents include the walking catfish, Asian swamp eel, and oscar.’
    • ‘The Asian swamp eel has characteristics that make it very adaptable to a new environment.’
    • ‘But the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says that the Asian swamp eel is now a permanent part of Florida's fish fauna and does not support the federal containment efforts.’
    • ‘Information from this study is assisting producers in gauging the relative threat posed by Asian swamp eels and provides information for management recommendations.’
    • ‘The Asian swamp eel is often found standing on the bottom part of its body stretching toward the surface of the water.’
    • ‘In the Everglades, native fish populations are being decimated by the introduction of Asian swamp eels, and native plants are being smothered by the invasive climbing fern.’
    • ‘The Asian swamp eel preys on a variety of animals, including crayfish, shrimp, worms, frogs, tadpoles, and other fishes.’
    • ‘The Asian swamp eel is several ugly feet of absolute fact.’
    • ‘Where are Asian swamp eels in Florida, and when were they first found there?’
    • ‘For more information about this invader, please see the USGS webpage on the Asian swamp eel.’
    • ‘Reaching lengths of 3 feet, the Asian swamp eel is a nocturnal predator feeding on shrimp, crayfish, frogs, and other fish.’
    • ‘American scientists are concerned about an invasion of fish called Asian swamp eels.’
    • ‘Florida has a host of invasive species, where over 40 exotic fishes are reproducing in fresh water, such as the Mayan cichlid from Central and South America and the Asian swamp eel.’
    • ‘Non-native fish like sea lampreys, Asian swamp eels, Asian carp, and zebra mussels have harmed fish populations, including both prey and game fish.’
    • ‘Ichthyologist Bud Freeman (Institute of Ecology) warns that the Asian swamp eel, which can reach a length of 2 to 3 feet and has invaded Florida waterways, is moving into Georgia.’
    • ‘Service programs support activities to prevent and control highly invasive plants and animal species such as zebra mussels, giant salvinia, Caulerpa taxifolia, Chinese mitten crabs, round gobies, Norway rats, Asian carp, nutria, Asian swamp eels, feral goats and pigs.’
    • ‘The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Asian swamp eels are on the brink of entering Georgia's Chattahoochee River.’
    • ‘A new population of non-native Asian swamp eels, a highly adaptable predatory fish, has been found near the eastern border of Everglades National Park in the area of Homestead, FL. Of particular concern to scientists and resource managers is that these highly adaptable eels have the ability to thrive in a wide variety of natural habitats and in adverse conditions.’