Definition of ask after in English:

ask after

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phrasal verb

mainly British
  • ask after someoneInquire about the health or well-being of someone.

    ‘if I see him I'll tell him you were asking after him’
    • ‘Mrs Savage asked after Iris's mother’
    • ‘I fight the urge to ask after the health of his son.’
    • ‘He asked after my parents and enquired into the wellbeing of my wife and kids.’
    • ‘Since then there has been a deafening silence from punters - we've received three emails asking after Dan's health, including one from a creditor.’
    • ‘So I don't feel like I'm missing out on any of that- and here's where the complaining comes in- I just hate people constantly asking after my well-being, like it's oh so sad that I don't have any big holiday plans.’
    • ‘He'd sometimes send a brief message asking after his father's health.’
    • ‘The look she gave her was full of understanding and Diana felt that Virginia wasn't asking after her health.’
    • ‘Instead she went to the village barber who acted as the local surgeon and asked after the health of her opponent.’
    • ‘She asks after him every two minutes; but how do you explain something like that to a child?’
    • ‘I also know someone who I considered one of my better friends knows I was attacked, because his girlfriend has been asking after my welfare, but he hasn't been in touch at all.’
    • ‘It was unbelievable, everyone was asking after her.’
    • ‘Flat cap in hand, the foreign secretary strides from doorstep to corner shop, greeting many voters by name and asking after their fathers.’
    • ‘Although rivalry was intense between the two clubs, she always showed an interest in how my children were getting on and always asked after them.’
    • ‘I asked after his dad, off on holiday in Majorca, and his uncle, who is the guy that's going to do my new roof for me.’
    • ‘Many of his regular customers who had known him for years asked after him and wished him well.’
    • ‘I would like to thank everyone who phoned to ask after Matt.’
    • ‘I have had lots of people stopping me to ask after him.’
    • ‘If they don't see me for a while, they ask after me.’
    • ‘Crammed into eight lines in block capitals, the postcards ask after family and friends and wish a happy birthday to a much-loved brother.’
    • ‘He had told her that the girls had been around to ask after her.’
    • ‘She wasn't saying much today, other than to ask after my wife and baby.’