Definition of ask for trouble in English:

ask for trouble


  • Act in a way that is likely to incur problems or difficulties.

    • ‘hitching a lift is asking for trouble’
    • ‘If there's one thing I've learnt during the years I've been doing my current job, it's that I should never try to update the website and send a virus alert within an hour of going home - it's just asking for trouble.’
    • ‘Pointing the finger and shouting in someone's face, that's asking for trouble.’
    • ‘But war without end is not a policy; it's asking for trouble.’
    • ‘Second, having the government direct the flow of that large quantity of investment capital, however indirectly, is just asking for trouble.’
    • ‘Any time you handle cash, you're asking for trouble.’
    • ‘The main message of the movie is that you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else, and that putting blind faith in a committed relationship is just asking for trouble.’
    • ‘Well, that's just asking for trouble, isn't it?’
    • ‘I'm asking for trouble with those statements, aren't I?’
    • ‘Fireworks, we all agreed, were just asking for trouble.’
    • ‘Providing them with somewhere to meet, have fun and exercise is just asking for trouble… they are just going to drink and take drugs.’