Definition of ask out in English:

ask out

phrasal verb

  • ask someone out, ask out someoneInvite someone out socially, typically on a date.

    ‘a few boys asked her out but never the right ones’
    • ‘This can be as simple as inviting a boy to sit with you or as involved as straight-up asking him out on a date.’
    • ‘She asks why he never called her after their first date, and then asks him out again.’
    • ‘It's like asking someone out for a date - perseverance never hurts when it comes to getting what you want.’
    • ‘So, the process of asking someone out on a date can get really complex, as you are required to do it by making open statements.’
    • ‘She then completely surprised me by asking me out for a second date.’
    • ‘Have any of your customers ever asked you out on a date?’
    • ‘He got her mobile number and asked her out on a date the next day.’
    • ‘Then again, I sent a stranger a fake story in order to get him to call and ask me out on a date.’
    • ‘We hang out sometimes, but would it be weird to ask him out for a date?’
    • ‘The conversation led in such a way that the only way to get to know her better was to ask her out on a date.’
    • ‘I'm surprised that you weren't asked out on dates every second!’
    • ‘So if he asks you out, you would date him, correct?’
    • ‘If he asks you out on a date, say no, sorry, you have a boyfriend and aren't interested.’
    • ‘She says I have to call her as soon as Aaron asks me out on a real date.’
    • ‘As one candidate said, ‘It's like asking someone out on a date, and on top of that, they pay.’’
    • ‘I don't even really know if he was asking me out as a date!’
    • ‘It was foolish of me to assume he was asking me out on a date.’
    • ‘The other Ryan, whom I'm still friends with, is asking me out on dates and telling all my friends how much he cares about me.’
    • ‘The first time he said this - way back when we were freshers at Bristol University - I thought he fancied me and was asking me out on a date.’
    • ‘Here I thought he was actually expecting me to find a gift for his mother… when he was asking me out on another date!’