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asking price

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  • The price at which something is offered for sale.

    ‘the asking price is $130,000’
    • ‘As a result, developers have been lowering rents, decreasing asking prices and/or offering significant incentives to potential tenants.’
    • ‘Therefore, it pays to be especially vigilant if you are ever offered payment above your asking price for goods.’
    • ‘The site is now back on the market and is for sale by private treaty with an asking price of over £20 million.’
    • ‘The days of estate agents and solicitors misleading consumers by putting homes up for sale at asking prices well below their real value are to be brought to an end by the Scottish Executive.’
    • ‘Recent stories of sales above asking prices were a classic sign of a market that was overheating.’
    • ‘Start off by offering one third of the original asking price and you could walk away with a bargain.’
    • ‘Many vendors had to drop their asking prices to achieve a sale.’
    • ‘However, Bennett said many properties have been sold for marginally lower than the initial asking price.’
    • ‘I put a note through the estate agent's door offering the asking price, even though I didn't know what it was.’
    • ‘This meant sellers were often prepared to accept offers below the asking price.’
    • ‘Getting an offer accepted below the asking price is easier when there are fewer buyers.’
    • ‘I recently made an offer for the full asking price on a property in the town and was the first to do so.’
    • ‘There is evidence to suggest that some vendors have been forced to drop their asking prices by considerable sums.’
    • ‘It is accompanied by several other more glamorous options at a similar asking price.’
    • ‘‘Vendors who genuinely want to sell are now being much more realistic about asking prices,’ he said.’
    • ‘Properties are taking longer to sell, but asking prices are still being met with regularity.’
    • ‘I'd have her thoroughly inspected first, and possibly haggle a bit more off the asking price.’
    • ‘The asking price reflects its location in a particularly sought-after part of the inner city.’
    • ‘If it gets the thumbs up from a trusted and competent mechanic and you can afford the asking price - buy it.’
    • ‘We bought back all the shares from a majority shareholder at his asking price.’
    cost, asking price, selling price, charge, fee, terms, payment, rate, fare, levy, toll, amount, sum, total, figure


asking price

/ˈaskiNG ˌprīs/ /ˈæskɪŋ ˌpraɪs/