Definition of aspect ratio in English:

aspect ratio


  • 1The ratio of the width to the height of an image or screen.

    ‘By choosing the amount by which we squeeze the image inwards, we can transmit an image that has the right aspect ratio on any widescreen television.’
    • ‘Preserving the full-frame aspect ratio of the television broadcast, the video here is clean, bright, and surprisingly warm.’
    • ‘Worst of all, the film has been modified from its original aspect ratio to ‘full screen format.’’
    • ‘The image therefore will maintain the correct aspect ratio but also fill the whole screen.’
    • ‘One minor glitch in the menu system prevents you from returning to the main menu from the aspect ratio selection screen.’
    • ‘The image is full frame in accord with the original aspect ratio and is divided into 12 chapters.’
    • ‘It is presented in letterbox, in a non-standard aspect ratio, probably pretty close to 1.66: 1.’
    • ‘Traditionally television pictures have had a shape defined by the aspect ratio 4: 3 or 12: 9.’
    • ‘It IS important to realize that wide screen aspect ratio does not equal high-definition TV, though.’
    • ‘The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina is presented in a made-for-home Full Screen version, but since this is the original aspect ratio I'll let this go unpunished.’
    • ‘Once again, the image is full frame in accord with the original aspect ratio, with the transfer being created from a 35 mm composite fine-grain master.’
    • ‘An American Band is presented in full screen, which appears to be its original aspect ratio, and has a video-like quality to it, with some artifacting here and there.’
    • ‘He's one of the many who have yet to figure out that those ‘black bars’ are not cutting off part of the screen, but presenting the film in the correct aspect ratio.’
    • ‘In the world of DVD releases, there is nothing worse than an action movie yanked out of its original aspect ratio and open matted to fit the full screen mentality.’
    • ‘That's partly because of the big display, which has the same aspect ratio as a movie theater screen, making it a great way to watch DVD movies.’
    • ‘The full frame image, in accord with the original aspect ratio, is beautifully rich and vibrant with colour that just jumps out at you.’
    • ‘Another nice feature is the ability to set the aspect ratio, that is, how much of your available screen space is occupied by the picture.’
    • ‘The films are shown in full screen, which is a slight cropping of the original aspect ratio.’
    • ‘First of all, there's some confusion over the video aspect ratio.’
    • ‘Note the aspect ratio looks wrong in the capture but is correct for television.’
  • 2Aeronautics
    The ratio of the span to the mean chord of an airfoil.

    ‘Another interesting thing is that the speed polar of the higher aspect ratio wing (constant span) lies above the original polar at all speeds!’
    • ‘Wing area doesn't effect it, other than more area generally means a lower aspect ratio, and therefore lower span efficiency.’
    • ‘Physically, the new wing will have a higher aspect ratio and a more pronounced sweepback angle, allowing for more efficient high-speed cruise performance.’
    • ‘The forward-swept midwing has a high aspect ratio, which contributes to long-range performance.’
    • ‘All the gliders have essentially the same aspect ratio, so just fly the one you enjoy more.’


aspect ratio

/ˈaˌspekt ˈrāSHō/ /ˈæˌspɛkt ˈreɪʃoʊ/ /ˈrāSHēˌō/ /ˈreɪʃiˌoʊ/