Definition of aspersion in English:


Pronunciation /əˈspərZHən/ /əˈspərʒən/ /aˈspərSHən/ /æˈspərʃən/


usually aspersions
  • An attack on the reputation or integrity of someone or something.

    ‘I don't think anyone is casting aspersions on you’
    • ‘He said it was unacceptable and outrageous that his integrity had been questioned and aspersions cast on his character.’
    • ‘It must be read in context of the earlier exchange and the judge's aspersions on her integrity.’
    • ‘They were roundly subjected to insults, smutty comments and had a multitude of aspersions cast about their manhood for the duration of their walk around the town.’
    • ‘Then again, now that I'm spending my days obsessing about a man I've more or less invented, I'm hardly one to cast aspersions on other people's productivity.’
    • ‘It is so easy to cast aspersions on someone else.’
    • ‘Now, I'm not about to cast aspersions upon those who swung early - or late - deals with the prosecutor to avoid jail.’
    • ‘Before I could finish casting unwarranted aspersions on all fourteen of my fellow jurors, I was distracted by the actual oath.’
    • ‘‘I don't think we should cast aspersions on the business people’ he stated.’
    • ‘Their central theme is that he betrayed his band of brothers and cast aspersions on every battle-hardened American soldier.’
    • ‘While stressing that he was not ‘casting aspersions on anyone’, he called for an external examination of the matter.’
    • ‘They don't know what's happened, so all they're doing is speculating and in doing so they've been casting aspersions on a whole industry.’
    • ‘When I admitted the truth, the Collie laughed uproariously for what I thought was an unnecessarily long time, then cast aspersions on my parents.’
    • ‘Fair enough, it is upsetting when people who don't know any better rush to cast aspersions on a band they aren't even in, but that's the nature of art.’
    • ‘These days, between posting his piquant views on the latest toonery, he rails against the aspersions still being spittled on the medium.’
    • ‘I said candidly that I could hardly cast aspersions on his choices since my own reclusive tendencies are strong.’
    • ‘Crude and tasteless, the film showed no let-up of violence against women and cast aspersions on the morals of working women.’
    • ‘He said there was an increasing tendency among some people to cast aspersions on the board when they didn't get the decision they wanted.’
    • ‘If that is indeed the case, I withdraw the aspersions I cast on his spelling.’
    • ‘You can't cast aspersions on someone just because they're wearing a cape.’
    • ‘It is stupid to cast aspersions on either the intelligence of the electorate or the validity of the verdict.’
    vilification, disparagement, denigration, defamation, defamation of character, abuse, vituperation, condemnation, criticism, censure, castigation, denunciation, flak, deprecation, opprobrium, obloquy, derogation, slander, revilement, reviling, calumny, calumniation, slurs, smears, execration, excoriation, lambasting, upbraiding, bad press, character assassination, attack, invective, libel, insults, slights, curses
    vilify, disparage, denigrate, defame, run down, impugn, revile, berate, belittle, abuse, insult, slight, attack, speak badly of, speak ill of, speak evil of, pour scorn on, criticize, censure, condemn, decry, denounce, pillory, lambast


Late Middle English (denoting the sprinkling of water, especially at baptism): from Latin aspersio(n-), from aspergere (see asperse).