Definition of asphyxial in English:



See asphyxia

‘In spite of these considerations it is critical to note that asphyxial insults in the perinatal period do not account for the majority of infants with brain injury in early childhood.’
  • ‘The authors believe that sofa sharing may cause asphyxial suffocation.’
  • ‘He said the haemorrhages also raised concern: ‘They are usually associated with such things as strangular and asphyxial causes of death.’’
  • ‘He agrees this was an asphyxial death, and the prosecution submits this was by neck compression.’
  • ‘The bleeding may have been the result of ‘some sort of asphyxial process such as compression or obstruction of the neck or air passage’, he suggested.’



/aˈsfiksēəl/ /æˈsfɪksiəl/