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  • The action of assassinating someone.

    ‘the assassination of the archduke triggered a series of events that would lead to the outbreak of World War I’
    • ‘a failed assassination attempt’
    • ‘a wave of bombings and assassinations’
    • ‘We are talking of torture and extrajudicial executions or assassinations.’
    • ‘It has also raised fears that political assassinations are making a comeback as a way to eliminate opposition figures.’
    • ‘The world has witnessed innumerable political assassinations but few have had earthshaking consequences.’
    • ‘There were also a number of other attacks and assassinations, using machine guns rather than car bombs.’
    • ‘We've also heard of several more abductions and now assassinations.’
    murder, killing, political execution, slaughter, butchery, homicide, liquidation, elimination, extermination, termination, doing to death, putting to death, martyrdom
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/əˌsas(ə)nˈāSH(ə)n/ /əˌsæs(ə)nˈeɪʃ(ə)n/