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  • Having or showing a confident and forceful personality.

    ‘patients should be more assertive with their doctors’
    • ‘On top of abuse, midwives also face a far more assertive and confident middle class mother than they did even 15 years ago.’
    • ‘I have become more assertive and self assured, and have found strengths within myself which I did not know existed.’
    • ‘They reported increased confidence in being more assertive with patients.’
    • ‘It would take only an assertive patient and a confident healthcare provider who is willing to listen.’
    • ‘Another firm, assertive phone call heads my to-do list for tomorrow.’
    • ‘You are assertive, bold and energetic, and this helps you move closer towards your goals.’
    • ‘He insists that while assertive management is needed, there is no place for aggression or bullying.’
    • ‘Not being the most assertive of people even at the best of times, I made my excuses.’
    • ‘An assertive person makes his or her feelings known but remains in control of the situation.’
    • ‘The sheep, popularly incapable of individual decision, appears quite assertive.’
    • ‘The Emperor is often associated with Aries, which is a strong and assertive astrological fire sign.’
    • ‘Expressing your anger in an assertive, not aggressive, manner is the healthiest way to let out anger.’
    • ‘With other less assertive bird species, the young can be moved from the ground and placed close to the parents.’
    • ‘Mothers should train their daughters from a young age to protect themselves so that they grow up to be assertive.’
    • ‘In future we are going to see a much more assertive parliament.’
    • ‘I have no problem in chatting up beautiful women, and I am in certain cases the assertive alpha male.’
    • ‘We just have to push a little harder, be a little more assertive, and I think we can pull it off.’
    • ‘It showed that she was finding it very hard to be assertive, and her son was confused by his mother's contradictory signals.’
    • ‘Women tend to be far more assertive with their trolleys than men.’
    • ‘Although quite small, the seven-year-old has become a remarkably assertive traveler.’
    confident, forceful, self-confident, positive, bold, decisive, assured, self-assured, self-possessed, believing in oneself, self-assertive, authoritative, strong-willed, insistent, firm, determined, commanding, bullish, dominant, domineering, assaultive
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/əˈsərdiv/ /əˈsərdɪv/