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  • A paid academic appointment made to a graduate student that involves part-time teaching or research.

    ‘By contract, assistantships employ graduate students for a certain number of hours per week.’
    • ‘This is not art unexpected result as student support in assistantships often involve activities that include teaching and research duties.’
    • ‘The percentage of students with assistantships for teaching and research ranged from a high value of 100 percent to a low value of zero percent.’
    • ‘I had the advantage of a graduate assistantship throughout my studies that helped me obtain my university diplomas.’
    • ‘I was offered a teaching assistantship writing curriculum for Agricultural Mechanics and graduated with a Masters in Agricultural Education.’
    • ‘Approximately 45 graduate assistantships will be discontinued.’
    • ‘The responsibilities that come with a teaching or research assistantship, on the other hand, draw one into a community and help build a professional identity and sense of commitment.’
    • ‘The faculty helped me secure a graduate assistantship for financial assistance.’
    • ‘Graduate schools often offer fellowships or graduate teaching assistantships that undergraduate programs do not.’
    • ‘A number of teaching assistantships are awarded each year, designed to attract gifted students who have demonstrated artistic ability and teaching potential.’
    • ‘Graduate assistantships and graduate waivers were increased.’
    • ‘That seemed almost obscene to someone who was used to graduate assistantships that were essentially break even propositions.’
    • ‘The college offers low tuition and the department has a generous endowment for student awards and assistantships.’
    • ‘The position was funded by providing a graduate assistantship to an individual with clinical experience who is working toward a Ph.D. in counseling psychology.’
    • ‘She was denied a teaching assistantship, although she was an experienced and excellent teacher.’
    • ‘Many folks who take a long time to graduate do so because they have not yet found a job and want to keep a teaching or research assistantship job.’
    • ‘They were both accepted by Cornell which offered them teaching assistantships.’
    • ‘In his first semester he had amassed enough money to buy a car and to pay for his rent simultaneously - on his teaching assistantship.’
    • ‘Such experiences include (but are not limited to) teaching assistantships in botany or biology courses, faculty-supervised research, and off-campus internships.’
    • ‘This requirement could be met in a variety of ways including independent study, teaching assistantships, specific methods courses, and interdisciplinary approaches.’



/əˈsistəntˌSHip/ /əˈsɪstəntˌʃɪp/