Definition of assisted place in English:

assisted place


  • (in the UK) a place in an independent school for a pupil whose fees are wholly or partially subsidized by the state.

    • ‘In selecting a pupil for an assisted place, a participating school is exercising the public function of distributing state funding for education.’
    • ‘‘This is a major break with the old assisted places policy, which was confined to certain academically gifted children,’ the council said.’
    • ‘The new system will see the county council give the money it sets aside for assisted places to all schools for them to administer.’
    • ‘Moving to Edinburgh she enrolled at Mary Erskine school on an assisted place.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The Labour Party scrapped the assisted places scheme as soon as they came to power and this just seems like another attack on private schools.’’
    • ‘That was exactly the result hoped for by many who campaigned against the assisted places scheme, and who still see private schooling as an unfair anachronism and an affront to their egalitarian values.’
    • ‘Apparently, assisted places are available if required (enclose a short letter explaining your circumstances with applications).’
    • ‘The move has already provoked outrage among educators in the state school system who see the consultative paper as a thinly veiled campaign to resurrect the assisted places scheme.’
    • ‘He now chairs the board of governors at the school, and since his appointment, he has increased the number of assisted places available to local children.’
    • ‘Boarding schools can provide both of these at a fraction of the cost to the state, through schemes such as assisted places which make their facilities open to all.’
    • ‘Through the assisted places scheme money is made available to children in needy homes to help them attend residential school trips.’
    • ‘We have discretionary fees and assisted places and approximately one third of families do not pay the full cost.’
    • ‘Pivotal to that success was an assisted place at Yale University, which secured her passage from India to American business.’