Definition of associability in English:



See associate

‘These results indicate that learned predictiveness effects in human causal learning index an associability that is specific to a particular class of outcomes.’
  • ‘A milieu deeply penetrated by interpersonal distrust forestalls the development of associability and mass membership in associations.’
  • ‘The associability is determined by ignorance; when ignorance is removed by wisdom, the associability will be transformed into dissociability.’
  • ‘Decreases in associability that occur as a stimulus is found to have either no consequence (‘latent inhibition’ 36) or a consistent consequence, are affected by manipulations of the hippocampus.’
  • ‘Material clusters may be identified as matter endowed with associability, luminous bodies, clusters of speech materials, clusters of mind materials, or clusters of karmic material.’



/əˌsōSH(ē)əˈbilədē/ /əˌsoʊʃ(i)əˈbɪlədi/