Definition of assuming in English:


Pronunciation /əˈso͞omiNG/ /əˈsumɪŋ/

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  • Used for the purpose of argument to indicate a premise on which a statement can be based.

    ‘ assuming that the treaty is ratified, what is its relevance?’
    • ‘His piece shows the actual depth of the electoral divide and discusses the small range of voters who are up for grabs to claim a victory, assuming that the party stays true to the president.’
    • ‘Philosophers who espouse this view must say that Smith's action of killing Jones took place on Monday in the dining room, assuming that this is when and where the crucial movement of Smith's hand occurred.’
    • ‘It is a worse state of affairs when someone dies (whether from being killed or from natural causes) than it is when a person fails to come into existence, assuming that in both cases the lives would have been worth living.’
    • ‘So, assuming that the environment does not have a point of view and that things cannot go better or worse for it, where does this leave the idea that the environment can be harmed or helped?’
    • ‘Assuming that the applications and databases are on separate machines, what is the current thinking on where the database should reside?’
    • ‘Assuming the rest of the world continues to grow, this sector may benefit.’
    • ‘On Sunday the Alice News - assuming corrective action had been taken - put the system to the test.’
    • ‘By the time the child is 18, and assuming annual growth rates of 6.4%, they'd be looking at a lump sum of nearly £35,000.’
    considering, taking into consideration, taking into account, in view of, bearing in mind, giving consideration to, keeping in mind, in the light of


  • Arrogant or presumptuous.

    ‘Usually an assuming policeman would come on screen and mumble something about a new lead in the process tracking down the culprits.’
    • ‘She glanced at Mark and looked at him with a less assuming air.’
    • ‘Arthur bowed in a far less assuming manner, one hand on his sword hilt and the other over his heart.’
    bold, brazen, brazen-faced, barefaced, brash, shameless, immodest, audacious, daring, presumptuous, presuming, assuming, familiar, overfamiliar