Definition of Assyriology in English:



  • The study of the language, history, and antiquities of ancient Assyria.

    ‘The consortium is working to improve faculty training, curriculum and facilities for the study of Archaeology, Assyriology and Environmental Health.’
    • ‘The State University of New York at Stony Brook is strengthening the quality of education at four Iraqi partner universities in archaeology, Assyriology, and environmental health.’
    • ‘The department of Assyriology advances the study of cuneiform texts stemming from ancient Mesopotamia.’
    • ‘Egyptology and Assyriology are included here, although close links exist with the Department of Archaeology.’
    • ‘The graduate program in Assyriology emphasizes both Sumerian and Akkadian, as well as a full sequence of courses in Mesopotamian history and civilization, over a period of three years of coursework.’
    • ‘However, teaching in Assyriology did not begin in earnest until much later.’
    • ‘Applicants should be registered, or have applied for admission, as graduate students in the University, for a higher degree course within the field of Assyriology or a closely related field.’



/əˌsirēˈäləjē/ /əˌsɪriˈɑlədʒi/