Definition of asteroidal in English:



See asteroid

‘The Hubble Space Telescope captured a picture of starlit asteroidal and cometary debris encircling the yellow dwarf star HD 107146.’
  • ‘These satellites range in size from small on the asteroidal scales, to nearly as large as Saturn's moon Mimas.’
  • ‘Our understanding of astronomy has shown us that cometary and asteroidal impacts are relatively commonplace over timescales of hundreds of millions of years.’
  • ‘Add black holes and photographs of asteroidal moons around Jupiter, and our world seems increasingly expansive.’
  • ‘That famous geologist suggested that large asteroidal objects hit the Moon, forming its craters.’
  • ‘Such fireballs are surprisingly common: researchers expect an asteroidal object one meter in diameter or larger to strike Earth's atmosphere about 40 times per year.’
  • ‘Had dinosaurs not been annihilated by an asteroidal impact, mammals might still be small, nocturnal insect-eaters unable to evolve higher intelligence.’



/ˌastəˈroidl/ /ˌæstəˈrɔɪdl/