Definition of astoundingly in English:


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  • 1Surprisingly impressively or notably.

    ‘both cars handle competently and precisely, if not astoundingly’
    • ‘an astoundingly good performance’
    • ‘For students of southern literature, his book advances nothing astoundingly new.’
    • ‘He replied to a letter of inquiry with an astoundingly acute appreciation of Brown.’
    • ‘He is an open-faced, astoundingly good-looking young man with an easy grin.’
    • ‘Take note whenever a character does something astoundingly stupid just to set up a conflict later in the film.’
    • ‘Fortunately, there is an astoundingly simple, low-tech solution to manage hypothermia: the humble lightbulb.’
    • ‘Frankly, I am at a loss to explain this astoundingly bad judgment.’
    • ‘Part god, part athlete, he dances astoundingly in a big solo that seems to take its shape in the air until he comes to rest.’
    • ‘He can astoundingly sing anything—folk, semiclassical, pop, soft romantic, fast numbers.’
    • ‘Stop waiting, and try these amazing products that will astoundingly delight all of your senses!’
    • ‘The man gets a surprise call and has to take an unexpected flight and then face some 36 hours of astoundingly dangerous adventures.’
    1. 1.1sentence adverb Used to express surprise at a situation or event.
      ‘astoundingly, even after all these centuries something of his effort survives’
      • ‘Astoundingly, presidents have, in the past, managed to push through agendas they really care about.’
      • ‘Astoundingly, he was granted a two-year visa to "travel for artistic purposes."’
      • ‘Men do significantly less housework than their wives—and, astoundingly, less than their cohabitating male counterparts.’
      • ‘Rather astoundingly, she forgets all about her siblings, who jerk our tears for 30 seconds and then disappear as a plot point forever.’
      • ‘This government has quite astoundingly placed itself in the camp of big business.’
      • ‘Astoundingly, the band wrote the entire album as a piece, each song building upon the last.’
      • ‘Even more astoundingly, the other claimants just sort of shrug and say, "Oh, well."’
      • ‘Astoundingly, this would mean there are more men claiming to have won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam than actual recipients of the medal since the Civil War.’
      • ‘There were other attacks on Tuesday, disrupting the flow of oil and, astoundingly, cutting off electricity to a good deal of the country.’
      • ‘Astoundingly, though, 504 of his hits went over the fence.’



/əˈstoundiNGlē/ /əˈstaʊndɪŋli/