Definition of astragal in English:



  • 1A convex molding or wooden strip across a surface or separating panels, typically semicircular in cross-section.

    ‘Of the 286 planes, the majority, were simple moldings like common ogees, astragals, beads, hollows and rounds.’
    • ‘Each panel has attached astragal beading with curved comers topped by a beaded and fluted moulded cornice.’
    1. 1.1Architecture A small semicircular molding around the top or bottom of a column.
      ‘A plain astragal ringed the column beneath its plain cap.’
      • ‘There is a thick overlapping astragal running round the columns carrying the vaults and arches.’
    2. 1.2A wooden molding that covers the gap between a pair of doors or casement windows.
      ‘Double doors usually meet with an astragal on the normally stationary leaf.’
      • ‘Astragals have long been used to seal the separation between the double doors and at the same time increase the rigidity of the doors by providing a vertical member that is attached to one of the doors, normally the least active door.’
      • ‘A single astragal running vertically in the centre of the window is a common feature on sash windows and may be faithfully replicated.’
    3. 1.3A glazing bar, typically one used in cabinetmaking.



/ˈastrəɡəl/ /ˈæstrəɡəl/


Mid 17th century from astragalus, partly via French astragale.